Contrary Wife & Ornery Husband

Contrary Wife & Ornery HusbandI love everything about this quilt, the name, the way the ‘arrows’ zoom in different directions, and its simplicity. The design uses two different blocks, the simple “Snowball” block and a traditional “Contrary Wife” block. Notice that the “Snowball” block has two red corners and two green corners. Half of the “Contrary Wife” blocks are red and half are green. Careful color placement is the key to the design.

I stumbled into designing this quilt several years ago and have used it as a class project many times. In every class, at least one woman has looked at the title and yelped, “Oh! That’s my husband and me! I’ve just got to make this quilt for our bed.” When choosing the fabrics, notice that you need lights and darks of each color.

Quilt Size: 6” Blocks 41” x 53” Quilt
Pages: 13 pages (8 1/2″ by 11″) in PDF printable format (includes instructions for making folded corners and half square triangles).

Order Contrary Wife & Ornery Husband (PDF) @ $5.00

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  1. Karen Richards says:

    Mary (or webmaster), when I clicked on the small photo of the Contrary Wife & Ornery Husband quilt to see an enlarged detail, all that I got was a picture of the top 1/4 of the quilt. I assume this is a problem at your end, because I have had no other recent computer or web-based problems when I try this on other quilt patterns. Can you check into this and let me know if/when this is fixed so I can get a better look at the pattern to help me decide if I want to order it? Thanks! p.s. Mary, I was inspired to go to your website because I am a
    Busy Bee Quilter and heard you speak at our last meeting. I really enjoyed your presentation!

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